To recycle or not to recycle?

Take the guesswork out of gift wrapping! Eco-friendly gift wrapping paper is officially making its mark, on everything but the planet. 

Wrapping paper. It’s something we all buy, without even thinking about it. We choose which one to buy based on the occasion, and who we’re buying it for…but have you ever thought about where it’s come from and where it will go after it’s been joyfully torn open, crumpled up into a ball, and cast aside? If the answer is no, pop the kettle on, get yourself comfortable, and let us enlighten you on all things eco-friendly wrapping paper. We promise there’s more to our rolls than meets the eye! 

Whenever you see someone carefully pick away at the tape to preserve the paper and reuse it, you think… ‘goodness, just rip it open!’ but actually, those people are making eco-friendly choices! 

Well, we know 90% of people, at the moment, don’t have the patience to do this. But all is not lost! You can make that eco-friendly, sustainable choice before you’ve even picked up a roll. When you’re browsing the aisles, pondering over the perfect packaging for your gift, there’s a simple choice you can make that will be kind to the planet. Eco Nature! 

Behind that roll of Eco Nature gift wrapping paper waiting to be bought on the shelf, are some really important sustainable choices that have been made to protect the planet. 

Eco Nature wrapping paper is made entirely from responsibly sourced recycled materials using paper originating from well-managed forests. 

The next great thing about our gift wrapping? If you’ve ever spotted us in a store, you will have noticed something is missing. There’s no outer plastic wrapping! 

Eco Nature were the first to start supplying eco-friendly, plastic-free rolls in the UK. 

We will never over-package our paper. Instead, it is secured using small stickers. We supply all of our rolls with a little extra, just in case any damage happens, but we find that our stickers do a fantastic job of securing our paper. 

Once you’ve picked out your Eco Nature gift wrap, taken it home, peeled off the stickers and undoubtedly spent hours perfectly wrapping your gifts, you’ll get to the end of the roll and find….nothing! We did say we never over-package, and we really mean it! There’s no inner cardboard tube inside our rolls, so there’s even less to recycle! 

And once you’ve excitedly handed over your gift, and watched in anticipation as it’s received with smiles and joy, you can pop that crumpled-up ball into the recycling bin for it to continue on its journey or re-use it, knowing that you’ve made a sustainable choice that isn’t hurting the planet! 

Mother Nature’s Guide To Gift Wrapping…

Now that we’ve given you the low-down on all things Eco Nature gift wrap, carry on reading to find out some ways you can take your gift wrapping to the next level using nature’s decorations foraged from the ground!

Next time you’re out on a walk, getting some fresh air and spending time with your family, keep your eyes on the ground and see what treasures you can find to add an extra bit of decor to your gift without having to use gift labels or ribbon. You want to keep your eyes peeled for things like pine cones, twine, flowers, and leaves. If you’d like a little more help on where to begin with this, Wrappily have written a handy guide on foraging for gifts that you can read here, full of tips and tricks and what to look out for.

We spend so much time carefully thinking about what to gift someone to make them smile, that it’s time to start thinking about how we can give them the bigger gift of saving the planet too! If you’re looking for more ways you can sustainably wrap your gifts, check out Ecocult’s eco-friendly gift wrap ideas that reuse things you already own! 

We hope this blog has inspired you to start considering how you wrap! If you’d like to know more about ways you can reuse your Eco Nature wrap, make sure you follow our social media channels, and keep your eyes peeled for our next blog!

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