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About Eco Nature

Eco Nature is a Brand who’s values and identity promote a sustainable and desirable product range, produced with integrity, kindness and responsibility.

About us

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The Creative Journey

Our creative journey starts with researching colour palettes, print and pattern trends and illustration styles. We gather these elements and compile them into thought provoking mood boards for our creative team to feel inspired.

We encourage the design team to go out into nature, visit local parks, nature reserves and botanical gardens to bring their creative ideas to life. Moving away from digital creating and back to sketch books, pencils and paint gives each design a personal handwriting.

We then work those illustrations into product, adding digital elements and considering colour mix, scale and placement before we get to our final product visuals.


The Woodland Trust

Through partnering with The Woodland Trust and investing in their ‘Woodland Carbon Scheme’, we are able to mitigate all emissions from the production of our Eco Nature products resulting in a carbon-neutral brand.

Eco Nature is investing in woodland creation through our partnership with the Woodland Trust as part of our transition plan to Net Zero through the planting of trees enabling the potential future absorption of up to 950 tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping our strategy to reduce our business carbon footprint.

“We are proud of our partnership with Design Group UK and of their commitment to take responsibility for protecting and preserving the planet and its environment for future generations.”


About Us

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Manufactured in the UK

Our gift bags, roll wrap and accessories are produced within our UK manufacturing site, maintaining demand for British employment. Our manufacturing facility is powered with electricity exclusively from renewable sources.


It is our vision to become a carbon neutral brand, created locally & supplied nationwide. Sustainable & coordinating celebration greetings & stationery ranges. Supporting UK employment and economy, reducing waste and environmental.


From the creation of our designs, to the materials we use, how we produce our products, and how we deliver them to our customers, we endeavour to respect the environment every step of the way.