Be more sustainable this spring!

Spring is coming!

The weather is warm and sunny, the earth is full of growth and new life, and people are slowly beginning to put away their boots and parkas.

Spring is a time for renewal, rejuvenation and energy, making it the perfect season to think about how you can be sustainable this season.

Here are some easy tips that help you reduce your impact on the Earth while still having fun:


1.Plant vegetables

Plant your own veggies for ultra-fresh and pesticide-free food.

2. Plant flowers

Spring is a time of renewal, and flowers are one way to celebrate the season. You can help other living creatures, bees in particular, also enjoy spring by planting native wildflowers that will support their populations.

Need a helping hand getting those green fingers going? Check out the 20 best flowers to plant in spring here.

3. Plant native plants

Native plants need less water and are better able to survive in your local climate.

More plants = more pollen = more food for crucial wildlife that keep our planet healthy.

4. Grass care

Minimise your garden’s environmental impact. All that watering, fertilising, mowing and pest control takes a toll on the planet. So choose the right kind of grass for your garden and switch to organic fertilisers. Did you know grass clippings from mowing your lawn turn into a natural fertiliser when left on your grass! Winner winner!

Spring cleaning

5. Cleaning Products

Use non-toxic cleaning products, such as vinegar, water and baking soda. Natural fibre sponges are better for the environment than plastic ones. There are so many sustainable cleaning products on the market nowadays, check out some of our favourite below.

6. Use less paper

Use rags and cloths instead of paper towels, and wash them for reuse. Bonus points if you wash them using sustainable detergent!

7. Repair and sell instead of replace

When you’re thinking of getting rid of a clothing item or other object, don’t go straight to the bin. Selling your unwanted clothes not only helps you save some pennies, but second-hand clothing is quickly on the rise with apps such as Vinted. Repair cafes are also becoming more popular. These pop up shops help you repair broken bits and bobs instead of replacing expensive electricals and designer clothing.

Go outdoors!

8. Play and explore with your children!

It’s a chance to teach kids about sustainability while enjoying the great outdoors together. From recycling and trash pick-up to gardening, most children love getting involved in anything that helps keep our planet healthy.

As proud partners of The Woodland Trust, we have our very own library of FREE activities to embrace the outdoors with your little ones. Check them out today using the link here. 

Pay it forward

9. Add one new sustainable habit. If you’re already recycling, conserving water, and managing your heating and AC for energy efficiency, well done! As the spring season approaches, consider adding one new habit to your daily routine. Small shifts can make a big difference in long-term sustainability!

Earth day!

10. Ready to celebrate Earth Day? The official date is April 22, but many organisations use the whole month of April, and beyond, to arrange sustainable events, group walks and other sustainable activities. Keep an eye on our social media for inspiration, we might just be partaking in our own Earth Day campaigns…

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