The Best Eco-Friendly Cards To Celebrate Sustainability

Celebrate sustainably with our brand-new range of eco-friendly cards! 

There’s one thing we know about greetings cards for sure, and that’s that no matter how many e-options become available, simply nothing beats sending and receiving a handwritten card filled with well-wishes from a loved one. There’s an Eco Nature design for everyone – and they’re all eco-friendly too! Winner winner.

After the success of our sustainable gift wrap and gift bags, there was only one answer as to what our wonderful team would start work on next…a range of beautifully designed eco cards! View them here.

Our brand new card range contains 33 designs, heavily inspired by nature. We wanted to celebrate and protect the natural world, creating greetings cards with the environment in mind, and providing an eco-friendly, sustainable option when shopping. 

Keep scrolling to guess where we took inspiration for each of the below designs (answers are at the end – no cheating!!)

A) The jungle B) Woodlands C) House plantes

A) British lakes B) The sea C) The dessert
A) The rainforest B) British countryside C) The beach

When browsing the isles, and looking for that perfect card for your loved one, have you ever thought about the impact you could be having on the environment? No? You’re not alone! It doesn’t always come to the forefront of one’s mind. 

So, whilst you focus on your shopping list and not losing your temper at the self-scanner, we took care of creating a range of cards, that are still beautifully designed, have lovely words inside them, but also don’t harm our planet. So when the ‘ooh I need a card!’ panic occurs, you can choose Eco Nature knowing the design, and planet, are taken care of!

How have we made our eco-friendly cards? Well, like all of our other Eco Nature products, these cards carry some pretty great credentials. (Which you can find out more about here! )

So, where can you find our eco-friendly cards? You can find them in Tesco, Card Factory, TKMaxx and more! Head to our online store finder below, where you can find out the nearest place that stocks Eco Nature near you. 


  1. Indoor house plants 
  2. The sea
  3. British woodland
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