Our Sustainable Story

If you follow us on our social media channels (if you don’t…you should take a look at our channels, we’d love to welcome you there!) you’ll read us talking a lot about our brand, our values, and our mission. Let’s delve a little deeper into the thought behind Eco Nature, and why we’re doing what we’re doing! 

As more retailers announce strategies to reduce their environmental impact, the demand is growing for eco-friendly products. Here at Eco Nature, we understand and accept our responsibility to provide sustainable, plastic-free, and fully recyclable products that are manufactured in the UK. As a business, Eco Nature understands the responsibility to produce products that have a reduced impact on our environment, but still serve the exact same purpose! That purpose being to bring joy and happiness to our customers, or anyone who is on the receiving end of one of our environmentally friendly products. 

Our mission is to make a difference, through producing carbon neutral, recycled, sustainable, and ethical products. So, how exactly are we working towards this goal? Let us tell you!

We manufacture in the UK! 

Driven by our dedication and environmental promise, we can ensure that our entire supply chain, from eco design to manufacturing is carried out responsibly. Not only this, but as a ‘made in the UK’ brand, we are responsive and reactive manufacturers, supporting local employment, and the economy!

By doing this, we can ensure there remains a demand for UK manufacturing. It also means we can drastically reduce our emissions from transport compared to overseas alternatives. 

Every step of the way, we consider the environment and our responsibility to ensure we are producing Eco Nature products with minimal ecological and environmental impact on the world around us.

We are completely plastic-free!

This is something we’re sure as a consumer you’re conscious about, as it’s mentioned and talked about constantly in media, by brands and by eco-friendly advocates. 

We simply don’t have any unnecessary packaging for our products, and everything is produced without the use of plastic. We were the first UK company to produce eco gift wrap without plastic shrink wrap on the outside, leading the way for other manufacturers to follow! 

We’re partnered with the woodland trust!

we have invested in the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme to mitigate all emissions resulting from the production of all Eco Nature products, which will go towards helping make the Eco Nature Range carbon neutral.

As a brand, we are proud to be working with The Woodland Trust to be carbon neutral. Our carbon offsetting creates sustainable woodlands, planting UK native trees with a unique focus on protecting nature. Our tree planting gradually captures carbon over time, reducing the environmental impact of our business, it benefits wildlife and society, too!

We are fully recyclable and made from recycled materials!

How many times have you pondered on the question “Can I recycle this?” given up and just tossed it into a one-way route to the landfill? Not only can all of our Eco Nature products be recycled, but there’s also no plastic packaging to worry about, and they are made from completely recyclable materials! Our products can be popped into that recycling bin to continue on their journey.

Now we know that all of these fantastic achievements aren’t going to completely fix the planet overnight. That’s where you come in. We ALL have a responsibility to the planet we call home. 

Sustainability is not a trend. By making seemingly small choices as a consumer, like purchasing Eco Nature gift wrap, those small eco-friendly choices, made by everyone, over and over and over can have a big impact, and protect our planet for generations to come. 

It’s our responsibility to act now. So, who’s with us! We’re challenging you, reading this, to send our brand video below to 3 people. Ask them to watch it and help spread our Eco Nature mission far and wide!

If you’d like to know more about the work we do with the woodland trust, make sure to head to our social media platforms and follow us. There will be more information on this coming very soon!

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