#1 – A wrapping paper collage

Have some fun in the gap between Christmas and New Year and have your little ones create their own wrapping paper collage! All you need is some paper, tape and scissors, this can keep you busy and create hours of fun!

#2 – Wrapping paper bunting

Instead of paying out for bunting every time it is someone’s birthday, baby shower or for general celebrations, create wrapping paper bunting for a unique way of celebrating that important event in style.

#3 – Line plain bookshelves or drawers

If you want to bring some seasonal excitement to your plain drawers or bookshelves, look no further than the pile of gold wrapping paper on your living room floor. Cut and shape it with scissors and a ruler and you are all set!

#5 – Create a custom clipboard

Stick some neatly cut wrapping paper onto an old clipboard, turning a boring board into a more glamorous one!

#6 – Create some festive and colourful origami

Nothing says fun like some intricately folded origami. This is an activity that will fill hours of your day and create some truly amazing decorations for around the house.

#7 – Use wrapping paper to pad out packages

If you want to protect items inside a box you are storing away but want to save on the bubble wrap, wrapping paper makes a great alternative.

#8 – Save it to create gift tags for next year

Cut the wrapping paper into squares, fold it in half and attach it to the package. You now have a recycled gift tag with a great design!

#9 – Create confetti

Get ready for your New year’s party with your old wrapping paper, all you need is a hole punch – be prepared for some mess!

#10 – Wrap a pringles can to hold your art supplies

Create the ultimate paint brush holder that will be the envy of all your friends! It may even bring you some artistic inspiration.

#11 – Create some decorative shapes

Turn the wrapping paper into heart, star or Christmas tree shapes. Anything your heart desires, then hang them in the window or wherever you desire!

#12 – Make envelopes out of it